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Each item in our collection is masterfully crafted with a single purpose - to become your favorite piece of wardrobe.

We will make that t-shirt that is always on top of the pile…Jeans that never make it to the closet, but end up on you straight from the dryer… Jacket you grab from the back of the chair each time you head out.

We create our collections with timeless elements and flare that will stand out long after the season ends. We make original and high quality pieces and don’t cater to fast disappearing trends.

We use fabrics based on natural materials like linen, cotton and wool, and only succumb to using synthetics as the last possible option, in assuring the look we want for our clothes is achieved.

Whether it’s a t-shirt, top, sweater, jeans or jacket, we pay attention to every detail, from fabric and color selection to stitching and finish in order to ensure highest quality and maximum comfort and durability.

Deep in the high tech era, we still make most of our prints, labels and other details the old fashioned way, by hand, adding authenticity and genuine spirit to our collection.

Our biggest reward is knowing when our creations become your favorite pieces of wardrobe, items you don’t give up easily. We also take special pride in our precise cuts and perfect, seemingly custom fits.

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