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Goods Reservation

For our customers we offer the possibility to reserve goods. If you need more time to decide what to buy or you need to postpone your decision for any other reason, you may use one of our customer services - a non-binding reservation of not more than five items for a two days period. If you don ´t pick up the product within two days of its reservation, the reservation expires and the product is again made available for sale. In case of discounted items we guarantee you a one day reservation.

Gift cheques

We also offer the possibility to buy gift cheques. If you wish to pay with this gift cheque, the value of your purchase must be always higher than the cheque’s value. They are valid for two months from their issue date.

Goods Replacement

For our customers, we guarantee goods replacement. If you return the item within 7 days of its purchase date and present the proof of purchase and payment, you can choose a different size, colour or even model. However, this is possible only if the item being returned is not worn and has all original labels attached. We enable item replacement not only in the store where it has been purchased, but in all original TIME OUT stores. If you don’t choose any other product at the moment when demanding the replacement, a cheque will be issued for the value of the returned item which you can use in the period of two months in any original TIME OUT store.

Trousers length adjustment

Only with selected models

Do you need to shorten the length of the trousers you are trying on? Just say the word and we will arrange it! In case that the trousers you chose are too long, we offer the possibility of length adjustment included in the product’s price. The store assistant takes your contact data and writes down all necessary measures concerning the trouser adjustment. When everything is ready and prepared for pick up, we will contact you and you can pick up the shortened trousers in the store.

Forwarding the product to the store

We offer the possibility of products being forwarded to another original TIME OUT store in your area. In the event that the product you requested is no longer available in the store you visited, the store assistants can find out whether this model is available in any other TIME OUT store. If so, we will forward it to the store you specify. This process can last up to 10 working days. For more information on this issue, please ask the store personnel for assistance.

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