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The fully integrated marketing strategy with a well established and well maintained visual presentation and creative support are an important part of the TIMEOUT brand, concentrated on real values and long term partnerships.

Using of the FEEL ALIVE philosophy in our retail chains, we stick out among our competition thanks to our unique, in store commercial and marketing content, carefully organized and placed to draw attention to our collection and make our communication with our customers easier, which makes their shopping experience attractive and unforgettable.

Our marketing goal is to bring the FEEL ALIVE concept to our stores and seduce the customer with the TIMEOUT philosophy and style.


Our marketing campaign supports the TIMEOUT brand side by side of the lifestyle and ideas, which we enjoy. We are presented in a wide media specter, from fashion and lifestyle magazines, billboards and city lights, from TV and cinemas, so we can stay in contact with our customers and become a part of their life.

All of these elements altogether with our unique collection make TIMEOUT a favorite brand for a growing family of customers.

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